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Engagement Session Tips

What’s the most frequent thing I here from clients before a shoot? “Umm, I’m kinda nervous!” And I just want to take this short moment to say: That’s totally fine! It’s COMPLETELY ok if you’re nervous. Everyone is. And you should know: there’s actually only ONE thing I need you to do:

Love on each other.

That’s it… I’ll do everything else. I’ll worry about lighting, posing, interacting, etc. I’ve spent years learning how to shoot my clients in flattering poses and light. You guys just get close, get affectionate, shower each other with love, relax, and HAVE FUN! Remember why you’re doing all this crazy wedding stuff, and just slow down and focus on each other. It’s my job (not yours!) to create great images!

Now for the other details…

Where to go:

The best thing to do at this point is just start asking yourselves a couple of questions!
Where did you guys meet? Where did you fall in love? Where do you spend time together? Where do you guys feel best together? Nothing’s off-limits here! Here’s some suggestions to get you started:

-Is your style together pretty casual or formal? (Casual: think date at your favorite coffee house. Formal: let’s find a gorgeous hotel or venue to shoot at.)
-Would a more rural or urban feel fit your relationship? (Rural: we could go horseback riding or hiking, or have a super cool session by a local stream and field as the sun sets. Urban: best excuse to shoot with all the big buildings here in Atlanta! Let’s make it an evening on the town.)
-What are your favorite things to do together? Watch movies? (Let’s head to an independent movie theater!)
-Check out local bands together? (Let’s hit a live gig with your favorite band.)
-Do you have scooters/motorcycles you love to ride together? (Let’s hit the open road.)
-A favorite ice cream shop? (I NEVER need an excuse to get ice cream.)

But here’s where I also need to let you know this doesn’t have to be some big production if you don’t want it to be either. A lot of my clients opt for a quiet, no-bells-and-whistles type of session and we just pick a beautiful area; this is JUST as fun! It’s all about how you two feel most comfortable!

What to wear:

-You have total permission to get fabulous! Dress in something that makes you feel good. Like really good. What outfit makes you feel like a million bucks? Get sexy, get cute, get beautiful, and express your style!
-Bold colors always look great, and if heels are your thing, wear them! You can’t beat a pair of killer heels. (But bring a pair of flip-flops. We’ll be walking!)
-When in doubt, go with a dark, dressy pair of jeans and steer away from logos, writing, or a bunch of crazy patterns.
-Don’t pick identical outfits, and lay it all out to make sure you don’t clash with each other.
-Bring multiple outfits… you can always choose not to use the extra one. And think variety here: casual, formal, fun.
-Accessorize! These little details lend a ton of character to your images.
-Do the mani-pedi thing (the day before!). I’ll probably be getting pictures of your hands at some point, and what if we decide to kick off the shoes and go barefoot in the grass?
-Don’t leave your outfit planning till the day-of. If all the decisions are made a day or two ahead of time, you won’t be anxious or pressed for time the day we shoot!
-I can’t stress enough how big of an effect professional hair and makeup can make. Professionals makeup artists know how to do makeup for when you’ll be in front of the camera, and anyway
-Remember to schedule extra time! Nothing like a hurried day to stress you out right before your engagement pictures.

Ok! I know it’s a lot of info. As always, please let me know if you have any questions at all! Most importantly… TIME TO GET EXCITED!!!